Bottle Information

  • Bottle Sizing

    Please see our bottle sizing information page!
  • Glass Droppers

    Glass droppers fill about 1 ml of liquid. That should fill the dropper about 1/2 way but may fill a little less due to the amount of air in the glass pipette. Do not overtighten your droppers onto the bottle as it could potentially break the glass pipette. If you notice that your glass pipette i...
  • Loosen a Roller Ball

    If you find that the roller balls are "sticking" then it may just be a matter of putting some carrier oil on your thumb and rubbing the surface of the roller ball, or simply working the roller ball with your thumb without any carrier oil. With enough rubbing or friction over the surface of the ro...
  • Plastic for Essential Oils

    We have been asked a lot is it safe to use plastic bottles and containers to hold essential oils. **Undiluted essential oils should not be stored in plastic containers. However since our plastic bottles and containers are made of PET,  diluted essential oils can be stored in our plastic bottles a...
  • Roller Ball Insert not Fitting

    Because the roller balls are manufactured in bulk, they can vary slightly in sizes. This margin is minimal but can result in the roller balls being a little too tight or a little too loose. If the roller balls are too tight, you can move them manually with your thumb. Once they have been moved an...
  • Trigger Sprayer Gets Stuck Over Time

    If you notice your trigger sprayer is starting to get stuck as you're spraying liquid you may have some product buildup inside the sprayer. We recommend boiling some warm water, then soaking the sprayer for a minute. Then start spraying water through it until it loosens the build-up inside.
  • Trigger Sprayers and Chemicals

    Our trigger sprayers can withstand surface cleaners and will be able to dispense them.
  • Tubing Too Long?

    If the dip tube on your bottle top seems too long, you can trim the tube to fit the size of the bottle — a lot of our tubes are made for several different bottle sizes. Try to cut the tube at a 45° angle to ensure proper function.
  • Where are trigger sprayers made?

    Our trigger sprayers are made all over seas, they do not make them in the USA.