Order Information

  • Broken Bottle Replacement

    Shipping insurance usually takes 24-48 hours to process the claim. Once that claim has been processed we can send out your replacement bottles.
  • Pre-Orders

    We do not offer pre-orders, but if you view an out of stock item on our website you will receive an automatic email when it is back in stock.
  • Product Availability Reminders

    When an item is out of stock, the availability will say "Limited Stock". Once that product is back in stock you will automatically receive an email stating that you can now purchase that product!
  • Stock Availability

    To view the quantity of an item that we have in stock, click on the product you are looking to purchase. In the top product description, the quantity will show up in a gold color. If the product availability says "Limited Stock" that means that the product is out of stock at that time. Example ...
  • Temporary Hold of Funds

    When placing an order where the card is declined, there may still be a "temporary charge" on your card. If the original order charge does not process correctly, the bank may put a temporary hold on the funds. We recommend calling your bank and asking them to release the hold or verify that the ca...