Cleaning the Diffuser

Just like any small appliances, an ultrasonic diffuser needs to be cleaned and maintained. Here are some pointers that will help keep your diffuser running smoothly and last longer:

Wipe out the water cup with a paper towel and pay attention to the ultrasonic mechanism at the bottom of the cup. 

Change the water at least every other day.

Unplug the unit from the wall before detaching the power cord from the unit. If you detach the power cord from the unit while it’s still plugged into the wall, you can get sparks.

Once every week or so, give your diffuser a 10-minute soak with plain white vinegar. This will help remove any mineral deposits or "gumminess".

Fill the diffuser cup past the fill line with white vinegar and just let it soak 10-15 minutes. Then dump it out, rinse with plain water and dry with a paper towel. (You’ll notice the difference!)

Please refer to our Diffuser Policy for further information

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